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Customer Testimonials

We pride ourselves on providing the solutions and information you need in a timely and courteous manner. See what some of our clients have to say.

Bailey's Grove South is a Condominium Complex consisting of 98 units. The units are 11 to 12 years old. In 2004, I completed an extensive search for condo management companies to manage our complex. I narrowed the search to three main contenders and our board of directors chose REALICO. I have not regretted our decision. They are the most professional well-run management company in the state. They are well versed on all aspects of condominium management from state and federal accounting requirements to pro-active maintenance and bylaw enforcement. They listen and take action. Our property is as beautiful today as it was 12 years ago. We are in great shape financially and have the proper reserves for future maintenance requirements and emergencies. They are competitively priced and a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a management company to manage their condo or homeowners' association.

Brian Waalkes, President

Bailey's Grove South Condominium Association

For years, REALICO, Inc. has proved to be a reliable property management company for us at Landmark Lofts. We know that when we call Greta Gillespie, the Maintenance Coordinator, we will get a gracious response and quick action to our requests. We can count on Jeff Heglund, the Property Manager, to help us interpret the nuances of condo regulations and rules as well as find us competitive bids for any work that has to be done at Landmark. Deb Stone, Property and Accounts Manager, does a suburb job in keeping our finances in check. And Sara Burkholder, Communications Director, continues to make us look really classy with her work on the Resident Directory and newsletters.

Gwen Pott, Board President

Landmark Lofts Condominium Association

The Forest Hills Condo Association has worked closely with REALICO for many years. The staff's dedication to our association has been outstanding. I look forward to continue our relationship for many years.

Roxane Brown, VP Board of Directors

Forest Hills Condominiums

Our property manager Deb Stone cares about our condo community almost as if she were living there herself! The board members at our property always have the most complete and current information we need, so that our meetings can be conducted efficiently.

We like the regular newsletters that Sara Burkholder, Communications Director, produces for us! They are colorful and informative. She works with us to write and edit the content.

When our community switched to REALICO, Inc. we noticed within a year how much better the property looked. Our “curb appeal” increased greatly. Now, more than 10 years later, we continue to be very satisfied.

Kathy DeMey, Secretary

East Paris Villas Condominium Association

As a member of the Board of Directors at Villas of Ada I have worked with Deb Stone, Property & Accounts Manager and Sara Burkholder, Communications Director, for the last two years. They are professional, efficient and excellent and timely problem solvers.

Sandy Sefton, Board Treasurer

Villas of Ada Condominium Association

I have been on the board of directors for a dockominium association since 2006. Throughout this time we have utilized REALICO as our property management company. I have been very happy with the management skills they have applied to our marina. Their experience in managing condominium associations is apparent when responding to questions presented by our board of directors. I feel we can trust the advice and guidance we receive from REALICO when handing challenging issues. I am also impressed with the timely responses we receive in the course of the day-to-day operations of the marina.

Dale Parlin, Board President

Harbour Towne Marina Association

As president of an association that is managed by REALICO under our direction I can truly say that we are in good hands. They have proven methods of securing payments, and they help to ensure that everyone complies with regulations as we inform them of infractions. Routine maintenance matters are taken care of and they are great at handling emergencies. I appreciate the fact that REALICO has a long list of contractor relationships and can call upon them for our specific needs. As far as handling disputes, REALICO has shown us that they will do whatever is needed to keep things running smoothly. We are in constant communication about improving our community.

Tom Burradell, Board President

Forest Hills Condominium Association

Our property manager, Deb Stone, is ALWAYS on top of everything! Sometimes I wonder she sleeps. She is there for all of us with a constant positive attitude. Thanks as usual!

Julie Tasker, Board President

Bayberry Condominium Association

I highly recommend REALICO, and especially Deb Stone, to any board looking to help manage property. My personal experience over many years has always been extremely positive and pleasant. Can't ask for anything more!

Candice Schaubel, Board member

Woodwind Valley Condominium Association

I have lived in The Villas at Rivertown since its early days. In this time I have witnessed growth of the community and the various services offered to the residents. In particular, I have witnessed the thoroughly professional work done on behalf of the residents by REALICO. Not only are we well served on a daily basis by superb contractors but our REALICO manager, Deb Stone is well versed in our governing documents and by-laws. She gives calm and thorough direction to the Board. Her staff is very responsive to resident needs. All in all, I can only be thankful for the efficient management offered by REALICO.

Trix Carlson, Board President

Villas at Rivertown Association

This is a note to say THANKS for all you do at REALICO and for the Grenelefe Association. I'm sure you don't hear that enough. Very simply, YOU are the reason I still serve as the President of this Association. Having worked with you for more than a decade I feel that you are a GREAT Property Manager and I continue to be thrilled with the leadership you provide. You always make me look like I know what I'm doing. Further I'm impressed with your ability and your consistent {and persistent} willingness to find solutions to difficult problems. Last but not least, I consider myself proud to call you my friend.

Jim Singer, Board President

Grenelefe Condominium Association

I have worked with Realico and Deb Stone for more than ten years in my position as a board member of East Paris Villa Condominium Association. Deb's financial management and accounting skills are exceptional. She is precise and helps REALICO, Inc. objectively advise board members regarding financial planning and insurance matters. Deb has great working relationships with the contractors that maintain our property and ensures that the board's maintenance standards are met. I have seen her diffuse difficulties between co-owners while offering suggestions about maintaining positive relationships as neighbors. Also, Deb deals with co­ owners' questions and concerns in a fitting and appropriate way. Deb fulfills her obligations in a positive and timely manner. I appreciate her leadership and vision for our community.

Jean Andree, Board President

East Paris Villa Condominiums

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